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Is Yoga for me? What is Yoga all about?

I think it is unfair to put the meaning of Yoga and spiritual practices in my one little blog. There are 1000 and 1000 of books, videos, teachers with great knowledge. Which is beneficial for spiritual seekers or people how just want to know more. But can be also really confusing or even misleading for the beginners. 

There are Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Raja, Nidra...and more.

'Sounds dangerous? What all of those fancy, Sanskrit words mean? I just wanted to try Yoga. It's all very complicated. Maybe it is not for me...'  

I had all of those questions when I just started and still have lots. Yoga cannot be described in sentences. You cannot study Yoga from books. Yoga is action, movement and investigation. All of it is a process. None of it is a blanc statement and simple direction. Left or right. Right and wrong.  

To start Yoga you just need to have willing to have a go. Be open for what it will bring you without expectation and judgment. Be curious about unknown and opened to look deferentially at things you already know. 

Here are view concepts and the meaning of Yoga. However, do not take it as statements but as a suggestions what it can be. Find what is Yoga for you. 

‘Yoga is…to unite.’ It is a first meaning which some of us most familiar with. It is to unite to our true selves and be connected with our mind, body, breath and soul. Every practice of Yoga, whichever style you will choose, will encourage you to have still and concentrated mind. To do so, you need a strong and flexible body. As it’s hard to have still mind in tens and weak body, isn’t? That is why there are so many asanas(postures)

‘Yoga is…to attain what was previously unattainable.’ It is understanding that we are capable of much more than we can do or think. It is when we bend a bit dipper than yesterday. It is when we wake up a little more earlier. It is when we found more information about Yoga, or we learned about ourselves or others something new. We have reached a point where we have never being before. 

‘Yoga is…action.’ It is to be fully engaged and concentrated on one activity. Yoga is when you do something fully present. It is when you washing dishes… and you are only washing dishes. You not thinking about where would you love to be and what you need to do. It is to be present wherever you are. For most of us, it is the hardest thing to do, as we are overloaded with tinny tasks and information. Yoga is perfect training for our mind to come back in reality and be present. Present with our breath, our body and current environment. We missing out so much from our life, as we worried about the future and regretting about the past. 

Yoga attempts to create a state in which we are always present-really present-in every action, in every moment’(The Hurt of Yoga) 

I truly believe that Yoga is for Everyone! 

Your age, stage, interest and food preferences DOES NOT MATTER!

Weather, you want a flexible and beautiful body, calm mind or happiness-


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