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Yoga Goals!

Here I won't talk about general benefits, as everyone has their own goals and reasons why they started Yoga. Therefore, generally, people have very different benefits and results.

Imagine running 3 miles race. Athletes have same goal, they have nearly the same shoes AND level of training. They are starting from the same starting point. At the same time, in the same place.

Yoga is very different. Yoga is like a mirror of real life.

Now imagine Yoga race. (which is nonsense and it doesn't exist, but this Image is very clear:)) In Yoga race, every single person would start where they want to, they all would have a different goals and they would be able to choose any time. Some people would run for 3 miles, some people would run for 10 miles and some people would not have any goal. Every one of "Yoga athletes" would have their background and different type of training. Here you would say "Hey, that's not a race!" and I would say "hey, I know! I told you...".

We all have our stories! We all have our own goals and our own personal race. Race with our Past, Present and Future.

Only you know if you are winning or losing it or perhaps you have chosen not to race anymore and enjoy this beautiful event and journey of Life!

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